When we came up with the idea to start this site, we were confronted with the idea of what to call it. It really didn’t take us long to come up with UrbanToRural.com, because it is what we want to do, and are doing.

We also like it because we feel it means more than just making a move from the city to the country. It can also mean incorporating rural values and ideas within your own life in the city. While we don’t live in the country yet, that’s our goal.

So what should you expect from our site? Well, we’re going to be talking about a lot of issues from food preservation to politics and everything in between. We’ll be sharing our stories and experiences as well as stories from around the web. We are not experts and we’re interested in what others are doing, how they’ve succeeded and also how they’ve failed.

Since we’re talking about these things all the time, it just made sense to share them with others. Feel free to share your ideas, ask questions, etc. And if you’re interested in a guest post, contact us.

Alain & Crystal