Canning jar deals cause delays

Bernardin Mason jarWe got back very late Monday night (3:30 a.m.) from the Mother Earth News Fair in Puyallup. It was a loooong drive!

I figured I’d need Tuesday to recover and deal with all the photos and video we captured of the event. I did manage to upload all the photos and video to our desktop computer (I think).

My daughter threw a bit of a wrench into the works when she told me about a local grocery store going out of business, and apparently they had a bunch of canning supplies on clearance. And wouldn’t you know it, they had barely been touched. It’s sad, but good for me!

Not one to pass up a deal, I picked up about 16 cases of canning jars and various supplies like lids, pectin, rubber jar rings, etc, for around $100. Normally all of those supplies would have run double the price where we normally buy them.

As much as I wanted to process video of the speeches by Will Allen and Joel Salatin, I’m sure the cheapskate in you can appreciate my desire to hoard inexpensive canning supplies.

In between work, looking for another car (did I mention our accident?) and just decompressing from our trip, I’ve finally had a chance to sit down and deal with our photos and video.

They will be up soon!

By Alain Saffel

If I were to picture my ideal life, I’d be sitting in some far off land, sipping a coffee in a café, my backpack at my side, camera around my neck, motorcycle at the curb, pondering my next stop or maybe madly typing away on my laptop about my latest adventure. Of course my home base will be a rural location, somewhere in Canada.

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