Our future in an ecovillage?

out-on-the-farmThe idea to join or form an ecovillage or intentional community has been percolating for a while and we finally got our vision into a presentable form.

It is by no means perfect, nor is it complete. It’s a starting point. It will not answer all questions, but we feel that it is a pretty good place to start the discussion.

There is definitely a lot of interest in intentional communities these days. People want to have more control over where they live, how they live and what form their food takes. We feel that urge.

Our goal for the past several years has been to move outside of the city so we can start raising some of our own organic food. We want to take back control of the food production process so we know what is going into our food. We’d like to get out of the city and enjoy a slightly less hectic lifestyle. We would like to inhale cleaner air.

We have examined a couple opportunities to form intentional communities around Edmonton and in other areas and haven’t felt that the opportunities were a good fit for us, which is why we’ve decided to pursue it ourselves.

Whether our goal is realized to form an intentional community or not, and we truly hope it is, we are going to move outside of the city. It’s taken a while to realize that is what we truly want, and we can’t get out soon enough.

Ideally we’d like to be out this summer, but the reality is that won’t happen, but by the next summer I’d like to be building a house. It’s a tall order, but we are committed!

Does this seem like something you’d be interested in? It’s not for everyone and it won’t be easy getting to the point of buying a property. Please read our plan. It doesn’t have a lot on the specifics of how or where it will happen, but details what our vision of the ecovillage would be. The details will be left to a group of committed families and individuals to decide exactly what its final form will be.

Please read our vision of this intentional community and let us know what you think. Once we have a number of people interested, we’ll set up a meeting and see where it goes from there!

Thanks for your interest,


By Alain Saffel

If I were to picture my ideal life, I’d be sitting in some far off land, sipping a coffee in a café, my backpack at my side, camera around my neck, motorcycle at the curb, pondering my next stop or maybe madly typing away on my laptop about my latest adventure. Of course my home base will be a rural location, somewhere in Canada.

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