The Hobbit Hole: Dan Price’s retreat

Dan Price - The Hobbit HoleIf you’re a fan of The Hobbit and the Lord of the Rings books and you’ve seen the movies, you may also have contemplated living in a hobbit hole.

Warm, cozy, safe and tucked away, a hobbit hole seems like an ideal place to live. In Oregon, Dan Price the Hobo Artist, is doing just that.

His hobbit hole is quite tiny; not nearly as big as Bilbo’s as depicted in the Tolkien movies.

I’ve read a number of stories and watched the videos of his hobbit hole, and this sort of living is definitely not for everyone.

You can’t stand up in the low-ceilinged abode, being about eight feet across and four feet high.

You have to crawl through the tiny door to get in, and you crawl around inside. He has an outdoor shower and bathroom.

WDan Price Hobbit holehile not completely off-grid, according to an older article I’d read, it’s obvious he uses very little grid resources in any case.

With a natural roof with two feet of soil on top and insulated by the hill around it, not much heat is needed to warm it up in winter, and it stays quite cool in summer.

I’m not sure that my family’s desired lifestyle would quite work in such a small space, but it would be really interesting to live there anyway.

There’s certainly no reason we couldn’t incorporate the idea of not building much bigger than we need to.

We’re hoping to go off-grid in the near future, and we’ve really been doing a lot of research about what sort of home to build, the construction techniques, etc. We still haven’t completely nailed everything down, but we’ll definitely be building it ourselves.

I think the building inspectors would have a heart attack if we built something even half-way resembling this, but who says they need to know? Really, you could live in a tent and it wouldn’t matter. I’m sure that wouldn’t hold up to the building code either.

All photos from Moonlight Chronicles.

Dan Price Radical Simplicity Hobbit holeInside the cozy Hobbit hole with Dan Price

Hobbit hole kitchen

Inside the Hobbit hole with Dan Price

Hobbit hole Dan Price

Dan Price Hobbit hole in winter

Dan Price Hobo artist

Hobbit hole door - Dan Price

By Alain Saffel

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