Meet the Farmer – Joel Salatin Part 1

Joel Salatin

One person who’s been influential in our thinking lately has been Joel Salatin. Now, most people know him through his appearance in the movie Food Inc. (If you haven’t seen Food Inc, you should read this review.)

I happened upon Joel by chance. I was checking out YouTube videos one day (and you know how addicting that can be) and I came across the Meet the Farmer videos that we’ve placed on this page.

What Joel Salatin had to say in these videos really resonated with me. I did a little research and discovered just how much of a public profile he does have.

I’ve always been interested in farming, not necessarily to become a farmer, but I’ve had a few relatives who’ve been ranchers. During haying time, I’ve been recruited to help out and actually enjoyed it.

Now that we’re considering moving out into the country, maybe becoming a hobby farmer is a possibility. It sure would be nice to have pasture fed beef, farm fresh eggs, raw milk and organic vegetables that we’ve raised. Since we’ve been making our own yogurt, we’ve also been interested in the possibility of making our own cheese, sour cream and other dairy products too. No need to have an encyclopaedia handy to read those labels.

The videos with Joel Salatin are broken up into three parts and they’re about a half-hour each. They are worth watching if you’re at all interested in where your food comes from.

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