Seedy Sunday Edmonton

Last weekend I attended Seedy Sunday Edmonton, an event that brought together a large number of people from the Edmonton area who are interested in gardening, horticulture, seed saving, farming and more.

If you’re looking to plan your garden around locally-adapted seed varieties, most of which I understood are actually heirloom seeds, it was THE place to be. If you’re interested in food independence and wonder if there are others also interested, not to worry, there’s a very healthy community in Edmonton. Seedy Sundays are happening across Canada too.

It’s encouraging to see the strong interest in it and the depth of knowledge available in our community.

I arrived just in time for two of the presentations before the space ran out on the SD card on my video camera. The first presentation I sat in on was from Julia Laforge of USC Canada. USC Canada works with small-scale farmers around the world on seed security, biodiversity and community seed banks. They are now starting similar work in Canada itself. Her talk focused on the importance of seed diversity and how it affects citizens around the world.

The second presentation was by Jim Ternier of Prairie Garden Seeds and it focused on seed saving as well. Jim is a wealth of knowledge and spoke extensively about how to save tomato and corn seeds.

Both the videos are quite long, but well worth watching. Loading long videos on to YouTube isn’t exactly an easy process either, so it took a few tries to get them to load properly.

By Alain Saffel

If I were to picture my ideal life, I’d be sitting in some far off land, sipping a coffee in a café, my backpack at my side, camera around my neck, motorcycle at the curb, pondering my next stop or maybe madly typing away on my laptop about my latest adventure. Of course my home base will be a rural location, somewhere in Canada.

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