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Broken down windmill

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Our first post on our new blog. Where do we start?

We should probably introduce ourselves. There are two of us blogging here. Our names are Alain and Crystal. We live in Edmonton, Alberta and are interested in moving from the city to the country, thus the UrbanToRural.com name.

We don’t exactly have the financial resources to make such a move, yet. But, that’s okay. We can still bring some of the country to the city. We thought that we’d like to write this blog to share our thoughts and experiences, but also to connect the thoughts and experiences of others, as well as related news.

Why move to the country?

As much as we enjoy living in the city, being close to schools, universities, transit, shopping, etc, we have always liked getting away from city life as well. In recent years we’ve also taken a strong interest in providing our own food and getting away from the factory food system. As it is, we’ve tended to avoid a lot of processed foods, with room to improve!

We don’t have a large property inside the city to grow a lot of our own food, and if we’d like to be reasonably self-sufficient in providing it, it’s not going to happen in an urban environment. We can supplement our food in the city, but that’s about all.

We’ve also found a number of economic, environmental and political events and trends in the world to be quite worrying. Posting and discussing some of these items might be interesting. It’s hard not to be worried with the headlines in the news these days.

So if society were to collapse, we would rather be outside of a large urban area. Even if it never happens, we’d like to be out in the country anyway.

What we’ll blog about

We’re connected to a lot of interesting online resources and hope to share the links, videos, photos, news and articles we’re reading on a daily basis. Our library is packed with interesting books related to food, health, farming, self-reliance and we regularly pick up magazines on these topics.

So, if that’s something you’re interested in, we hope you’ll become a regular reader and commenter. We’re not experts, but we’re willing to learn on our own and from others.

Alain & Crystal

By Alain Saffel

If I were to picture my ideal life, I’d be sitting in some far off land, sipping a coffee in a café, my backpack at my side, camera around my neck, motorcycle at the curb, pondering my next stop or maybe madly typing away on my laptop about my latest adventure. Of course my home base will be a rural location, somewhere in Canada.

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